“Marian Cameron HypnotherapistClient Success is important to me  – 

   I mean REALLY important to me!”

      Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist  

     Specialist Stop Smoking in One Session      

      Licensed Practitoner HypnoBand Gastric Band Weight Loss System

      Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique Practioner


Your really are in safe hands with HypnotherapyMarian 45

I carry a strong and long record of success with my programs which are tailored to the uniqueness of my clients.     Whether you want to De-Stress, Release an Unwanted Habit, Conquer a crippling Fear, Stop Smoking, Lose Weight, Build your Confidence or just Strengthen your Ego…..HYPNOSIS WORKS!   You may even want a Business Edge to Improve Performance at Work, School, Stage or in Sports?  Maybe you need help Getting Over a Relationship or accelerated Healing…..HYPNOSIS WORKS!


 Marian Cameron

Specialist Clinical Hypnotherapist

Clinical Membership with AHA (Australian Hypnotherapists Association)  
Professional Membership with PHA Inc. (Professional Hypnotherapists of Aus)  #0113
Registered with National Hypnotherapists Register of Australia #CM2015672
Registered with the ANHR (Australian National Hypnotherapy Register)   #1300011
National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH)